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  1. The car park is administedered by Michał Odrzywołek who entered into register of entrepreneurs as MICHAŁ ODRZYWOŁEK EURO Parking BALICE, Tax Id. No. (NIP) - 6762038079, hereinafter called the Administrator.

  2. The parking area is subject to road and traffic regulations as per (Dz. U. 2005, No 108, item 908) and a speed limit of 10km/hr. User is required to abide by all road traffic signs within the car park as well as all internal and access roads.

  3. The car park is open all year on 24/7 basis, except for the maintenance breaks.

  4. Parking charges are calculated on the basis of the price list available at the car park area or at the car park website.

  5. The subject of the contract is storage of the vehicles with permissable gross weight up to 3,5 ton and the objects being factory equipment. The vehicles which do not meet these conditions as well as the vehicles with the trailers or large size vehicles are allowed to enter the car park only with the consent of the Parking Service.




  1. Upon entering the car park, the Parking Ticket must be purchased in order to reclaim the vehicle. The Parking Service is under no obligation to verify the vehicles’ technical condition, existing damage and outward equipment. The car park user is required to report any additional items of exterior equipment, notably the hubcaps, aerials, fog lights and other protruding and decorative element which are possible to be dismantled. He is also required to hide them away if there is such possibility.

  2. Prior to leaving the vehicle, the car park user is required to shut all the doors, windows and boots and activate all available anti-theft car alarm systems in order to prevent unauthorised entry or theft.

  3. The vehicle left at the car park shall be efficientlly secured against automatic movement (rolling down) as in such a case the car park user is liable for any damage performed, also to third persons.

  4. Upon entering the car park, the vehicle user is required to estimate the time of leaving the vehicle which will be recorded on the Parking Ticket. The vehicle user who has left his vehicle in the car park over the time limit for which he has pre-paid will be required to supplement this payment in accordance with the list of tariffs and charges provided by the car park.

  5. The vehicle shall be claimed on the basis of the Parking Ticket, thus it must not be, under no circumstances, be left in vehicle, nor be transferred to third parties.

  6. In the case of loss of the Parking Ticket, the vehicle user will only be able to exit the car park upon providing registration papers and official personal identification.

  7. In the case of the vehicle user’s refusal of identification, vehicle will not be handed over and the Parking Service is obliged to call the police.

  8. If the vehicle is left in the car park over the time limit of 7 days past the declared date for collection without prior notification, the Parking Service shall have the right to report this to the police in order to contact the vehicle user. If it fails, the vehicle will be removed at the expense of the vehicle user.

  9. Any attempts by customer to enter his vehicle, in the case of customer having lost his keys or having locked it in the vehicle, will only be permitted upon his production of registration papers of the vehicle and official personal identification.

  10. Persons who are drunk or whose behaviour indicates they are under the influence of substances inhibiting reactions, shall not be allowed to enter or collect the vehicle from the car park.

  11. The vehicle transporting flammable, caustic, explosive or other hazardous materials is prohibited from entering the car park, unless the hazardous materials are stowed or secured in accordance with legally binding regulations.

  12. The Administrator shall not be liable for damage posed by force majeure, especially extreme temperatures and precipitation or resulting from the car park user’s failure to observe the provisions specified herein.

  13. The vehicle user is liable for any damage performed to third persons or other vehicles within the car park.

  14. All the valuable items, animals and hazardous materials must not be left in the vehicle.

  15. The Administrator shall not be liable for the items left inside the vehicle.

  16. The Administrator shall not be liable for any damage done to the third persons on the premises of the car park by the defective vehicles.

  17. Conducting trade, washing or vacuuming the vehicle, performing any changes of oil or any other vehicular liquids and contaminating is prohibited on the premises of the car park.

  18. Alcohol consumption and taking substances inhibiting reactions, including intoxicants and drugs, is prohibited on the premises of the car park.

  19. The vehicle user is required to immediately report all instances of damage executed to his vehicle, or no later than prior to exiting the car park. The written damage report shall include all the details regarding the damage: the date, parking space, the description of damage and photo documentation. Once the vehicle is collected without a written damage report, no claims will be considered.

  20. All instances of damage on vehicles whilst performing parking manoeuvres must immediately be reported to the Parking Service.

  21. The Administrator is required to abide and adhere to the regulations which are specified in the Rules and Regulations for EURO Parking Balice.

  22. If the terms and conditions of the Rules and Regulations for EURO Parking Balice are not obeyed by the Parking Service and the damage is caused due to the fault of the Parking Service, the Administrator shall be liable only for the proved damage of the vehicle, with no right to claim for lost profits.

  23. The Administrator is not liable for the difference between the compensation from the insurance and the value of reported claim. In this case, the difference shall be covered by the vehicle user.

  24. The vehicle user shall confirm that he is in the possession of liability insurance, valid at least until the end of the storage period.





  1. In instances of sudden and justified instancy of security threat or emergencies, the Administrator reserves the right to remove the vehicle from the car park area. The Administrator is also entitled to remove the vehicle in the case of exceeding the due date at the expense of the vehicle user.

  2. The person intending to use the car park confirms that he has acknowledged the rules set out herein and accepted the terms and conditions without any objections. He shall also confirm that he has acknowledged the parking fees which are defined in the car park tariff. The Parking Service is empowered to collect the payment for parking as well as to manage the vehicles left in the car park.

  3. The vehicle user, upon entering the car park, expresses agreement and agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions bound within this document. Upon entering and exiting the car park, the vehicle user also agrees to be monitored and recorded.

  4. All the rules and regulations of the car park insurance are defined by the insurance policy and can be obtained from the Parking Service.

  5. Upon request, the Administrator is able to issue VAT invoices for the car park usage within 7 days of finalising the contract with the car park. Upon provision of the written statement, together with the car park receipt, the invoice will be sent to a given address.

  6. All complaints and proposals regarding the EURO Parking Balice functioning shall be directed to the Parking Service or mailed to the following address: bok@europarkingbalice.pl

  7. The vehicle user agrees to have his personal data (name and surname, e-mail and/or the phone number) processed by the Administrator and the Parking Service strictly for the purposes of concluding the contract or considering any complaints in accordance with the regulation regarding the protection data passed on the following date: 29.08.97 (Dz. U. No 133 item 883). Sharing personal information is voluntary, however it is necessary in order to proper execution of the provisions of the contract.

  8. These terms and conditions are valid from 1st May 2016.





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