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  • 1 DAY

    20 zł

  • 2 DAYS

    40 zł

  • 3 DAYS

    45 zł

  • 4 DAYS

    55 zł

  • 5 DAYS

    60 zł

  • 6 DAYS

    65 zł

  • 7 DAYS

    70 zł

  • 8 DAYS

    75 zł

  • 9 DAYS

    80 zł

  • 10 DAYS

    85 zł

  • 11 DAYS

    90 zł

  • 12 DAYS

    95 zł

  • 13 DAYS

    100 zł

  • 14 DAYS

    105 zł

  • 15 DAYS

    110 zł

  • 16 DAYS

    115 zł

  • 17 DAYS

    120 zł

  • 18 DAYS

    125 zł

  • 19 DAYS

    130 zł

  • 20 DAYS

    135 zł

  • 21 DAYS

    140 zł






EURO Parking BALICE is a safe car parking area situated in the vicinity of The Balice Airport. Several hundred parking slots await our Customers which have been built on hard surface, in a fenced and illuminated area. It offers services on 24/7 basis, such as free of charge transfer to the Airport, additional service package, including, among others, luggage weighing and securing it with stretch foil and/or assistance in starting your car.

The cheapest car parking space in the area of The Kraków-Balice Airport

How much do you have to pay if you want to park your car at the Airport in Kraków? This is the question everyone asks when they want to travel to The Balice Airport in their own car. Unfortunately, the cost of parking in the Airport car parking space is really high, while the cost of day and night parking at the EURO Parking BALICE is just a few Polish zlotys! See our detailed PRICE LIST.

Safe car park in Balice

Our guarded car park is located just 1.8 km from The Kraków-Balice Airport, along the Provincial Road 774. It is a perfect place for both a short and long-term stopover. What is important, the EURO Parking BALICE is insured and CCTV monitored on the 24/7 basis. We are certain that you will easily find us, but should you have any problems, visit the sub-page HOW TO REACH US.

Car park near The Balice Airport

In order to ensure our Customers the best possible comfort in using our services, we have introduced a system of online booking. Owing to this, you will be able to secure a parking slot near The Balice Airport. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to CONTACT US. Our experienced staff members will be glad to resolve your doubts and answer all your queries. Welcome!

How does the EURO Parking Balice operate?

The terms and conditions of our services are really clear and simple although they may raise some doubts in our Customers. For this reason, we would like to familiarize you with the scheme of the cooperation with the EURO Parking Balice. The first step you have to make is, obviously, booking the parking lot for the time when you plan to leave your car here. If the time slot of your choice is vacant, then you have to make an online payment or you may make the payment on the spot on the day you leave your car here. At the time fixed in this way, we shall meet you at the EURO Parking BALICE, where you can leave your car and we shall take the best care of it. After that, without any additional payments, we transfer you to the Airport in good time before your flight. Our car park is located just a few minutes ride from The Kraków-Balice Airport, thus you will be able to reach your destination in almost no time, without a fear that you will be late. Your next step is to start your journey. On your return, the only thing you have to do is to call us up and we shall make our best efforts to come to the Airport as fast as we can and transfer you to our car park. We do hope that your satisfaction with the services of EURO Parking Balice shall encourage you to use our services again. Dear Customers, we hope to see you soon!

EURO Parking BALICE Operating Team

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Parking insured

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